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Love Trumps Superheroes

This post originally appeared on The Huffington Post in January, 2017. The path to victory over villains. In these particularly polarizing times, we can at least all agree on one thing: we are stronger—as a nation and as people—if we stand united. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many of us adamantly insist on our view

Politics, Quantum Physics, and the Ocean – We Are All Connected

This post originally appeared on The Huffington Post in October, 2016. At this particular time in our history, it is paramount to remember that we are all connected. A lot of us have heard this and may understand it conceptually, but we don’t always remember or feel this to be true. This is largely because

The Sweetness of a Sour Lemon

This post originally appeared on The Huffington Post in July, 2016. Imagine placing a slice of lemon in your mouth. As you think of sucking the fresh sour juice from it, you’re probably noticing an increase in your saliva. There is no actual lemon and you’re not really sucking on a fruit, yet your mind

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