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During the past 15 years, I have taught Mindfulness Meditation to help hundreds of people with various issues related to negativity. When we brood or interpret benign situations as negative, it is generally due to our upbringing and conditioning. In those moments, we see or experience situations through eyes of the past, rather than reacting to what is actually currently happening, in the moment. A lot of people are constantly doing this, much like wearing ‘rose colored’ glasses tinged with the past.

Mindfulness Meditation is a simple, valuable and effective way to help with negative habits. It trains our mind to be completely present. I recently be-slimmer.net someone in her late 40s overcome a lifelong phobia of driving. I used Mindfulness as an integral part of her healing. When she is in the present moment, she is simply driving a car. She remains alert and aware of the road, her body, her breath, and her driving, as opposed to past or imagined dangers. By being present, we authentically let go of past negative experiences and worries about the future that may otherwise cloud our reality in unproductive or detrimental ways.

– Sherly Sulaiman

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