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Our Services


Skype and phone sessions available

Phone and Skype sessions need to be paid in full prior to commencement of appointments.

If you’re new to New Stress Relief, our initial session will last 90 minutes. You can purchase your first session online, using the Buy Now button below.


Regular sessions, after your initial session, last 75 minutes. You can purchase regular sessions online, using the Buy Now button below.


Service FAQ

Sessions by Phone

Receive superior care from the comfort of your home with phone sessions. Phone and Skype sessions must be paid in full at the time of booking, before commencement of sessions.

Sessions by Skype

Skype sessions are a great alternative to in-person sessions, and are available to our patients near and far. Phone and Skype sessions must be paid in full at the time of booking, before commencement of sessions.

In-Person Sessions

For Los Angeles locals, we look forward to seeing you in our Santa Monica location.

Our Services

New Stress Relief takes an integrated approach to stress, reactive depression and anxiety, through a combination of treatments. These mainly include Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, Therapeutic Breathwork, Meditation and Yoga.

We offer a comprehensive menu of treatments for smoking, weight concerns, bereavement, insomnia, addictions and phobias, among others.

About Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a rapidly expanding holistic approach that helps individuals achieve desired goals and eliminate unwanted negative behaviors. Through the understanding of speech patterns and body language, neurology can be strategically altered and reprogrammed towards more useful and empowering behaviors, such as confidence, self-worth, positivity, motivation and calmness.

New Stress Relief combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Hypnotherapy to help you achieve and maintain tangible, long-lasting changes. In our experience, this has been the most effective approach for resolving those issues, from addiction to depression and the stress of daily life.

Issues that have been successfully resolved by New Stress Relief include:

  • Addictions & Smoking Cessation
  • Allergies
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Bereavement & Grief
  • Compulsions
  • Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Creativity & Motivation
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders, Exercise, Food, Diet & Weight Loss
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Lethargy, & Tiredness
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Pain Management (including headaches)
  • Past-Life Regression
  • Public Speaking
  • Skin Conditions
  • Sports Ability & Performance
  • Sexual issues & Relationships


Insomnia and Anxiety

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
The experience of anxiety often consists of tension, nervousness, fear, apprehension and worry. When someone feels anxious, it can interfere with sleep patterns and the capacity to deal with certain situations.


Depression is characterized by a consistently low mood, low self-esteem and lack of interest in activities that normally bring pleasure. Ask us about our drug free, holistic approach to help treat your depression.  The only side affects you’ll have is feeling better.

Past Life Regression (PLR)

Silhouette of Man Walking in Tunnel. Light at End of Tunnel
Growing in acceptance and popularity, PLR can help you uncover truths and mysteries beyond genetics and social conditioning. Curious…?

Overcoming Fears and Phobias

Whether it’s a fear of anything from driving to flying, public speaking to crowds or spiders to needles, fear can seem overwhelming. Find out how you can set yourself free.






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