Stress Relief MP3 Recordings

These stress relief MP3 recordings were created to help you maintain positive changes in-between and after your sessions. Although they can be used on their own, they will be even more effective as an addition to your Hypnotherapy sessions. They are not intended to be a replacement for medical treatment or a substitute to any forms of therapy.

You can listen to them during the day or at night, as you fall asleep. Each MP3 includes music to help you relax and to deepen the creative process within your subconscious mind. At the end of each recording, there will be some music for the continuation of your self-hypnotic process, meditation or for you to fall asleep to. We hope you enjoy it!

stress relief MP3

FREE – Fast Stress Relief


This recording was created to help you let go of stress and anxiety easily. It is “fast” to accommodate your busy schedule.  Feel calm and refreshed in just over 5 minutes. Enjoy it at the comfort of your home, work or while travelling. It is our gift to you.


stress relief MP3

Mindfulness Meditation




A talk and three guided mindfulness meditation exercises. This is for assisting you with your meditation practice and mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness can increase happiness, contentment and calmness in your life. The proven physical, emotional and psychological benefits of meditation are increased with regular practice.

stress relief MP3

Feel Better




For more positivity, clarity, self worth and depression relief. This recording can help you when you’re feeling down or for the maintenance of your calmness and positive outlook in life.


stress relief MP3

Stop Smoking




To help you be free from smoking and maintain your life as a healthy and happy non-smoker.


Weight Loss

Weight Loss





Using NLP and Hypnotherapy, this soothing recording is designed to reprogram your unconscious mind, replacing old habits with new healthy ones to help you lose weight.

Coming Soon.



20% of all proceeds from MP3 sales are donated to Friends In Service.

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