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The Worse Best View

I recently went on a cruise to Alaska. One of the stops was to a majestic natural wonder, called Hubbard Glacier. When the ship neared the location, the captain announced that the best place to view the glacier was the helicopter landing pad area at the front of the ship. He also informed us that

Think Before You Eat

What kind of internal dialogues do you have while you are eating vegetables? Are you thinking those same thoughts when you eat a chocolate chip cookie? The truth is that our mind is so powerful that what we think while we eat, can be as important or more important than the actual food that we

Stress Relief

True Stress Relief for Busy Women

Often, it seems hard to find time to dedicate to our mental and emotional health, especially when we consider juggling careers, families, and other cultural expectations of women. Yet, it’s common knowledge that individuals that know how to navigate through stressful emotions and situations generally do better in other aspects of their lives. Don’t wait

Our Natural State

Our natural state is one of good health and well-being. When we are ill, it is an indication of a misalignment on some level. Much like the way chiropractors place bone structures into alignment, we will help place you back into alignment emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Discover, experience and enjoy how the harmony, love, and

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