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Hypnosis for Stress Relief on Tuesdays at 6pm at Unplug

Join Sherly Sulaiman as you lift the weight off your shoulders during this pure, therapeutic experience. This is a combination of self-hypnosis and meditation that will teach you how to maintain inner peace, regardless of whatever else may be happening around you. Discover and cultivate calmness, equanimity, wellbeing and freedom from emotional suffering. Founder of New Stress

Politics, Quantum Physics, and the Ocean – We Are All Connected

This post originally appeared on The Huffington Post in October, 2016. At this particular time in our history, it is paramount to remember that we are all connected. A lot of us have heard this and may understand it conceptually, but we don’t always remember or feel this to be true. This is largely because

A note on Self-Love

“I feel so good, I just want to self-love at home, at work and all over the place,” joked my client, David (not his real name). It was at the end of one of our sessions, after a breakthrough for him on self-love. He had finally understood and experienced self-love beyond a concept. For many,

Valentine’s Day-Inspired Guided Meditation on Self-Love and Relationships on February 12th at 7pm

Join Sherly Sulaiman at Unplug Meditation for a themed guided meditation, “Hypnosis for Self-Love.” Inspired by the Valentine’s Day season, Sulaiman will guide a mindfulness meditation on self-love and relationships. This class is appropriate for individuals who are romantically attached or unattached. Sign up here.

Putting More Thanks in the Giving

Each Fall, as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we are encouraged to consider the importance of gratitude. We often talk about thankfulness as a gift to the receiver, but neglect to consider how simple acts of appreciation can profoundly impact our own wellbeing. After my client, “Frank,” (not his real name) thanked me for successfully helping

Trust Your Gut and Harness Intuition

Join Sherly Sulaiman at Unplug Meditation for a mindfulness meditation on Saturday, September 19. “Trust Your Gut and Harness Intuition” Come and learn how to sense and trust your gut. Discover how to do this by meditating and connecting with your intuition, something you were born with. You have a knowing, that’s why you get a

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